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Betika Bambuka Crash Game

Crash games are the craze right now and there are many different versions coming up. Betika casino are not left behind in ensuring that their customers get to enjoy the most popular crash games available. One of their popular offers is the Bambuka Crash Game, which offers an exciting ride and a chance to win big.

Bambuka crash game is simple. It involves taking part in a taxi bus ride and you are supposed to jump off before the taxi bus crashes. The odds keep rising as the taxi bus moves across the screen and you are supposed to cash out in time before the crash. If the taxi bus crashes before you jump out, you lose.

Betika Casino Bambuka game

Bambuka Crash Game is available on Betika in:

  • Kenya πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ

Betika casino offers a wide range of online casino games, including slots, crash games, card games, and live casino games.

Bambuka game features

  • Cash out button – This is the feature that you use to cashout so that you can win something before the bus crashes. You cash out when you hit high odds and jump off in time
  • Live chat – You can chat with fellow players during the game and see what other players are saying. It it is well-developed complete with emojis for a more animated conversation. This is also where you know there is a free bets rain so that you can grab one quickly
  • Free bets – There are free bets to be won randomly when you are playing Bambuka crash game. Just keep checking the live chat section as you play. Free bets can also be given as part of other promotions
  • Statistics – You will be able to see all your game statistics such as wins, losses, stakes, and multipliers. You can also check the leaderboard for the best players
  • Demo version – Bambuka has a demo version in addition to the real game version. You can use the demo version to practice and familiarize with the game before you feel ready to stake real money

We have reviewed the best crash games in Kenya on our page and given you tips on how to play and win.

How to play

  1. Log into your Betika account and go to casino section
  2. Click on the Bambuka crash game tab to open it
  3. Select demo version or real version to play
  4. Add your stake amount. It can be as little as KES 1
  5. Click start and the taxi bus will start moving
  6. As the bus moves and the odds rise, click cash out in good time
  7. Your stake is multiplied by the odds multiplier that you hit when you cash out
  8. If the bus crashes before you cash out, you lose

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Our verdict

Another exciting crash game is here with us courtesy of Betika and you don’t want to miss out on the fun. The game is simple and very easy to learn and play. The minimum amount for playing is KES 1 so no one can feel priced out. You also get to benefit from the random free bets rain throughout the day when you are playing. If you can hit high odds, you will be able to get some good winnings. We recommend that you try it out.

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