Aviator Online Slot Game Review

Looking for an engaging and exhilarating online game? Then, look no further as Aviator Casino comes with heart-pumping and fascinating features to keep you glued to your screen from start to finish and watch your wager multiply within seconds. The game is the most popular casino game across the globe and available at the most online casino for African players.

Created in 2019, Aviator is a fast rising online game in which you are wagering on how high a plane can fly. In this case, when you set your wager and the game begins, you would see an aero plane taking off with a multiplier beside it. Your goal is to stay focused, monitor the plane as it gains altitude and quickly collect your winnings before it flies away.

Aviator is a bit similar to JetX, another very popular game in the crash category. However, for JetX, you’re required to cash out before the jet on your screen explodes. In the case of Aviator, once the plane vanishes off your screen, you would be losing everything. Basically, as the plane goes up, you will notice a rise in the multiplier. This multiplier has an “X” symbol with a number next to it. That number multiplied by the amount you wagered is your potential winning.

With Aviator, your chances of winning depend majorly on how fast you can decide to cash out before the plane flies away. This means your fortune is literally at your fingertips right from the moment the round of game begins.

In this article, we will be providing an insight into what Aviator online game entails, how to play, where to play as well as tips and tricks you can adopt to boost your winning chances.

Aviator Online Game

Game Features & Facts

  • Developed in 2019 by Spribe
  • Mind-blowing and entertaining
  • Simplicity and fairness of rules
  • User-friendly interface
  • Unlimited game rounds
  • Based on players’ intuition to decide when to cash out

Where to play?

The Aviator Crash Game is one of the most popular games in any online casino, so it’s no wonder that almost every online casino available to African players has it listed. Below you can see an overview of which bookies offers the online casino game. Just click on the button of the online casino you wish to play at and start your online casino experience!

Top Online Casinos to play Aviator Slot

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Aviator game at 888casino

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Game Strategy

How to play Aviator Online Slot?

Aviator offers an innovative and exciting dimension to online gaming through its basic yet attractive game play and easily understandable rules, putting you in the pilot’s seat from take off till you decide to cash out.

To play this game, you must;

  • Find your preferred online Casino – We have a list of e.g. the best online casinos in Ghana
  • Log in or create a new account
  • Top up your account with the required deposit amount
  • Go to Casino or game section
  • Click Aviator with a red-colored plane like image
  • Set your wager
  • Start captaining your plane

Once your wager has been set;

  • A plane will appear on your screen
  • You will notice the multiplier starting off at “x1”
  • The multiplier gives a picture of what you’re likely to win
  • As the plane continues to fly high, so will your multiplier increase and by implication, your potential winnings
  • Make a decision on your next action
  • You have the option to cash out at any point
  • Your decision must be made in seconds before the plane flies off
  • If that happens, you would see the winnings you have built vanish before your eyes.

As stated earlier, the game is very simple and easy to play. The hard part however is knowing when to press that orange colored cash out button to collect your winnings before the plane disappears. This is where your intuition comes in and this is what makes Aviator a very exciting game to play.

Tips & Tricks to play Aviator successfully

  • You’re in control; The game requires you to captain your way into huge winnings by being in control of your destiny. Once you master the art of knowing when to take your funds before the plane goes away, you’d be enjoying more winnings and few loses. Keep in mind that you must be swift in making your decisions as dragging on too long might lead to the plane flying away and you losing everything you’ve built.
  • Know your financial limit; Aviator offers multiple round of games when you lose or win the first one. So, it might be tempting to continue re-staking your personal money or what you have won in the previous rounds. However, it is advisable that you do not exhaust all your funds in the process. To prevent this, you can start with a small wager and build your bank roll. Also, you can set yourself a target such that when that target is achieved, you can stop playing for the day. Whatever decision you’re making, it would be helpful to your your financial limit and stake within that range.
  • Do not blink: As impossible as this sounds, it is very key to playing Aviator. All the action occurs within seconds so once you bat an eye lid, you might just be saying good bye to your funds. Therefore, pay 100% attention to your screen and trust your guts throughout the game round. Furthermore, keep your eyes peeled for aviator free bets (often promoted as aviator rain offers).

Game Details

  • In play cash out
  • Available on mobile app and mobile lite browser
  • Engaging and entertaining features
  • Ability to stake and retry multiple times
  • Basic and easily understandable rules
  • Hinges on players discerning ability and intuition

Why should you play the Aviator Online Game?

The simplicity of the rules, unlimited availability and emotion-charged nature of the game has boosted Aviator’s popularity among African bettors. Hence, it has become one of the most prominent online games featured by top bookies on the continent giving punters access to unlimited rounds of games and the chance to try again in case the fail the first time.

In addition, Aviator is readily available on 247 via mobile app or the mobile lite version of your preferred bookie. Playing on any of these devices allows you focus properly and lets you make the most important decision- cashing out on the go. In case you are looking to try your luck on something exciting with very easy rule, you should consider Aviator. Whether as a beginner or advanced Casino punter, Aviator gives you a reasonably realistic chance of landing huge winnings for an unlimited period of time. Hence, if you want to grow your bank roll in seconds, Aviator is highly recommended.