Under or Over 7 is a classic dice game currently endearing online casino players to the 1xbet platform. As the name implies, Under or Over 7 requires players to predict the outcome of dices once they are cast by the house. To win, the result of the dices rolled must match your prediction. The game is very straightforward and your goal is to guess whether the total number displayed on the dice will be the of the same value as 7, lower than 7 or higher than 7.

1xbet Under and Over 7

If the total number is below and above 7, you will double your stake. However, the it is the same as 7, you will win 5 times the amount you staked. For example if you stake ₦1,000 on 7 being the value of the dice and if 7 comes through, you will win ₦7,000.

1XBet Over/Under 7 – simple, yet effective

The Under or Over 7 game is unique for its simplicity, user-friendly interface and how easy it is to play. You really do not need to be an expert or master strategist, you just need to predict that the cast dice will yield a number that is less than, equal to or over 7.
These are the 3 possibilities available in the game. Basically, winning the game hinges on the choice you make out of the 3 options and of course luck.

In this article, we have helped you outline the Under and Over 7 game features, facts, tips and the best strategy to win real money while playing this online casino game. Looking for a very easy and less complicated online dice game? Then, you should consider completing your 1xbet registration to play the Under and Over 7.

Under and Over 7 Game Features

  • Similar to the classic dice game
  • There are only 3 possible options to bet on
  • Odds are usually in favour of the house
  • It has great interface
  • Pretty straightforward and easy to play

Where to Play Under and Over 7 Game

Top Online Casinos to play Under and Over 7

Betwinner Under or Over 7 Game

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Paripesa Under or Over 7 Game

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Under or Over 7 Game screenshot

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Paripesa Under or Over 7 Game

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Game strategy – How to play Under and Over 7 Game

The Under or Over 7 game gives you an exhilarating feeling from start to finish, as you go through the process of setting your wager, guessing the total result and waiting to see if you got the right answer.

To play this game on 1xbet,

  • Register on 1xbet or log in to your account. As a new customer, you can get the 1xbet Casino Bonus upon your first deposit
  • Make a minimum deposit of ₦200. The maximum stake is ₦300,057.75
  • Choose your bet before throwing the dice: 8 to 12 (Over), 7, 2 to 6 (Under)
  • The initial stake amount is determined before the start of the game.
  • Place your bet.

After placing the bet, live dealer who is responsible for managing the bets and rolling the dice steps in. He then rolls two dice and the result determines the outcome of the game. If you guess Over or Under correctly, your stake is multiplied by 2.3. If you correctly predict 7, your stake is multiplied by 5.8.

You can also play this game at Melbet Casino and Paripesa Casino, just click the link on the table above, or read our reviews of both online casinos before trying your luck there. Just like on 1xbet, the Under or Over 7 game at these casino sites usually have a tutorial and user manual. This way, you get to understand how to play the game easily.

How to win Under and Over 7 Game

There really isn’t any special way to win the Under and Over 7 game as It is basically a game of chance and luck. This means the outcome is determined a random algorithm Nevertheless, your knowledge of probabilities can help you device the best betting strategy, which can influence your total winnings. While the game is about chance and luck, we have highlighted a few tricks you can follow:

Under and Over 7 Game Tricks and Tips

  • Bet on a budget: this is basic rule in betting given the risky nature of the business. It is always advisable to set a limit for yourself and work within it. This way you do not go through the pain of losing your funds because the entire result is based on a random algorithm.
  • Study the odds: A good understanding of the odds can help you approach the game from a more strategic position. You can even study the pattern of the outcome and use it to make your own decision in subsequent games.
  • Work with your instincts: The choice you make will determine your chances of winning. So, if your guts say you should go with under 7, over 7 or equal 7, just follow your instincts. Also, if you feel like quitting, do so as soon as possible especially if things are going your way and you have won a few rounds.

Why you should play Under and Over 7 Game

Under and Over 7 is an exciting game for both advanced and rookie casino game fans. It is a fascinating combination of simple rule and the mathematical concept of probability, keeping you at the edge of your seat till the outcome of the rolled dice is determined. So, if you are a fan of a classic dice game and you’re looking to try your hands on something similar online, then you should register at 1xbet and play the Under and Over 7 game.

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