Apple of Fortune has proven to be an exciting online casino game that almost everyone wants to play and that will most likely make its way into the top 10 casinos online. The game was developed in 2015 by Vladyslav Shuliar initially for 1XBet casino site only. However, due to its fast-growing popularity, Apple of Fortune is now available through many betting sites and other platforms in many African countries.

Apple pf Fortune Online Slots Game

Apple of Fortune takes its theme from the Disney children’s fairy tale story of Snow White. In the story, Snow White’s fate depends on her choosing either the good or bad apple, and the same applies to this game. It presents a suspense-filled journey as you try to navigate your way to a big payout. We teach you how to win apple of fortune using our expert tips and tricks in this article.

When playing Apple of Fortune, you are required to progress through 10 rows of mysterious cells. Each row presents 5 different possibilities under the cells. If you select the right cell with a good apple, you will progress upwards through the stages to higher multipliers. However, if you pick a cell with a rotten/bad apple, your bet is lost.

Get ready for an exciting online casino slot game that you can enjoy on your mobile phone with the possibility of winning big. Follow our apple of fortune strategy and enjoy more wins and higher payouts. You can play Apple of Fortune casino game at 1XBet, Betwinner, Megapari, and more. Check out casino Kenya online reviews to help you pick the right bookmaker.

Game features & Facts

  • Published in 2015 by Vladyslav Shuliar
  • 10 x 5 grid, 10 rows with 5 columns each
  • Climb & Win type of game
  • Based on the theme of Disney fairy tale Snow White
  • Demo version of the game is available

Where to play?

Top online casinos to play Apple of Fortune

Apple of Fortune Slot Game on 1XBet

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Apple of Fortune

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Apple of Fortune on PC

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Game Strategy – How to win Apple of Fortune casino game

Playing Apple of Fortune is easy and is something you can learn quickly. If you love online slots with a strategic twist, this is a game that you are going to enjoy for sure. Here are the steps to follow to play:

  1. Log in or sign up for a new casino account that offers Apple of Fortune. Our Africa casino online page can guide you
  2. Deposit money into your account
  3. Open Apple of Fortune tab on the homepage or in the casino section
  4. Place your bet amount
  5. You can press the exclamation mark to review the features, functions, and rules of the game
  6. Press the green ‘Play’ button to start
  7. When you choose a good apple, you proceed to the next row
  8. You can cash out before you open a bad apple and the bet is lost

The goal of the game is to pick the cells with good apples as you proceed though the stages. The winning multiplier increases as you proceed further in the game. In the lower rows, the chances of picking a good apple are higher. However, as you go to higher levels, you increase the risk of getting a bad apple and losing your bet.

You need to have your Apple of Fortune strategy that suits your goals in the game. Are you a high risk taker going for the highest stakes? Or do you prefer smaller but more consistent wins? Whatever your approach, this a thrilling game that involves thinking and strategy as you make your choices.

Apple of Fortune on PC

Apple of Fortune Demo

New players will be happy to know that there is a demo version of the game of Apple of Fortune. You can use this demo version to lean and practice the game without spending any real money. This will help you to familiarize with the game before you gain confidence to stake real cash.

With the apple of fortune demo, you get unlimited virtual credits for playing the game as much as you want. The demo version is also good for trying out any Apple of Fortune hack or strategy that you want to use.

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Tips and Tricks to play Apple of Fortune successfully

We have a few Apple of Fortune tips and tricks that can help you win when playing the game:

  • Start with medium or higher stake – This will give you decent wins in the opening rounds to build on. Avoid starting with the minimum or lowest stakes possible as this will give you little returns. It is easier to win in the lower rows so maximize
  • Apply the right strategy – The 1.7x – 1.8x multiplier has proven effective in this game. in case you lose in the beginning, you increase your stake by the loss amount. This will ensure your winnings cover any previous losses
  • Manage your risk – Each successful round unlocks a new level that is riskier than the previous one but with more potential rewards. Know when to cash out and take your winnings rather than continuing and risking to lose everything
  • Track your money – You should keep track of your winnings and losses in the game. If possible, have a budget and make sure that your losses don’t exceed your budget. Bet within your budget and grow you winnings steadily rather than at once
  • Practice using the demo – The demo version is a good place to learn and practice the game without using real money. You can take risks and try different strategies until you have perfected your game for the real money
  • Take advantage of bonuses – Many bookmakers and platforms have various bonus offers for Apple of Fortune. You can use such offers to get more stakes and more games, and you get to keep the winnings

Why you should play Apple of Fortune casino game

Apple of Fortune online slot game continues to grow in popularity because it is easy to play, enjoyable, and comes with some good wins. The game is available from different bookmakers and casino sites via your mobile phone including the best online casinos in Uganda. Here are some of the reasons to play apple of fortune:

  • Available on PC, mobile site, or mobile app
  • Friendly design and interface layout
  • Easy to learn and play
  • Demo mode available for practice
  • Huge potential maximum payout
  • Game is available 24/7

Apple of Fortune fits the bill for an exciting online slots game that you can enjoy playing conveniently on your mobile phone at anytime while making some good winnings in the process. The game is relatively simple and readily available though your favorite bookmaker or casino site. Check out our top 10 online casino games as reviewed by our experts and find a good game that you can enjoy and win big.