Live Casino Game Review - Football Studio Live

Football studio is the latest live casino game offering from Evolution Gaming, and it’s already earned a lot of positive buzz among online gamers. The idea behind Football Studio is simple: you are playing a card game against the dealer where the cards symbolize football teams. Players can wager on the results of each hand in this two-card game that is played extremely quickly while listening to updates and analysis on some of the greatest live soccer matches.

Football Studio is a quick-paced variation of traditional blackjack games. The game features an interactive element that combines actual dealers and virtual cards to produce a realistic football gaming experience. It is based on the luck of the draw and provides a selection of betting alternatives. Participants can wager on the Home, Draw, or Away team. Each side is dealt a different card, which determines how each round will turn out. In essence, it’s a really basic casino game that gives players the chance to enjoy a relatively laid-back gambling experience.

In this review, we will look at the features that make Football Studio stand out from other games in the same genre. We will discuss how the game works, what makes it unique, and why it could be a great choice for players looking for an exciting and dynamic live casino experience. We will also provide our overall opinion on Football Studio so that you can decide if this game is right for you!

Football Studio live casino frontpage

Game Features & Facts

  • Created by Evolution Gaming in 2018
  • Football Studio is a live dealer cards game
  • Offer a simple range of markets: Home, Draw, Away
  • Live chat with live dealers and other players
  • It has live game stats on popular matches
  • You can select your favorite league and get access to news
  • The game includes a football commentary studio covering major leagues

Where to play?

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Game Strategy

How to play Football Studio Live?

When you initially launch Football Studio on any preferred online casino, you might mistakenly believe that you have dialed into a modern punditry TV program. You will immediately see a well-dressed live dealer who stands next to a shoe of cards on a grey table. There is a red area for Home and a blue area for Away just behind the dealer. A discussion room and betting terminal are located immediately below the video broadcast. And among the other settings available to players, the view can be adjusted to a smaller or larger screen.

With the underlined view and features, the game will only take new players a round or two to get acquainted with the basic rules Football Studio has to offer. But you can start as follows:

  • Select and register at your preferred bookmaker. Find the best online casinos in Africa here.
  • Make your deposit into your account.
  • Select the casino section of the bookmaker.
  • Navigate to find the Football Studio live casino game.
  • Start playing.

With its simple gameplay, the Football Studio basically has two main steps:

  • Placing Your Bets
  • Get The Results

Placing your bets

  • At the bottom center of the screen, players are given access to a betting console.
  • Decide on your stake size by choosing from the chip stack underneath.
  • The players are given the choice to wager on Home, Away, or Draw.
  • Simply click on the expected result to place your bets.
  • You have a choice of multiple outcomes.
  • Every round of the game takes just a minute.

Get The results

In Football Studio, there are just 3 possible outcomes:

  • Home Win
  • Draw
  • Away Win
Football Studio live casino bet options

The cards in Football Studio are valued from low to highest (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A). The winning card in any round of the game is the one with the higher value. Hence, if you selected the Home and the home card happened to come out with a higher value, your wager is successful. Players succeed on the Draw option if the value of the two cards (Home and Away) is equal.

For instance, when the Home team card is 8, while the Away team card is 4, the Home bet triumphs. The money of every player who has a bet on the Home team will be doubled. This works and vice versa if the Away team card happened to be higher.

But for the Draw bet option to win, the Home card and the Away card must have the same card value (Eg. 8:8). The Draw bet option is the less likely option, hence offering a very high payout (11:1).

Bet Type And Odds Payout

Bet typePayout

Football live commentary feature

To make your entire experience one to remember, the Football Studio has a unique feature called real-time football analysis. Participants can discuss their favorite teams and current games while playing a simple, entertaining card game. Players can also communicate with each other at the table as well as with the live game dealer directly while playing the game. The live commentary comes with the following benefits:

  • Football results & Stats: Your favorite team’s results and scores are available. Choose your league by clicking “Add League” and all results will be shown here
  • Expert Tips & Predictions from Dealer: Apart from talking with the presenter about anything and everything football related, you can also get the dealer’s opinion on forthcoming games
  • Intra-Game Talk: What is going on in the world of football? Discuss it with your teammates! The host will also participate in the humor

Tips & Tricks to play Football Studio Live successfully

When it comes to casino games, the house always has an edge. However, there are ways to tip the scales in your favor and give yourself a better chance of winning. In Football Studio, the following strategies have proven helpful for many casino goers:

  • Martingale Strategy: The martingale betting system is a popular strategy among casino players. The system is simple: you double your bet after every loss so that when you eventually win, you recoup all of your previous losses and end up with a profit
  • Multiple Choice Strategy: This involve betting on one of either Home or Away and using 1/4 of the stake value to wager on Draw as well. In the event that the draw comes up, you will win healthy cash enough to cover the stake in the Home and still give you some profit
  • Stats Play: In Football Studio, statistics play a big role in determining your odds of success. By studying past performances, you can get a feel of how they will fare in future rounds. This information can help you make more informed bets and ultimately improve your chances of coming out head. Of course, no one can predict the future with 100% accuracy. However, by understanding and utilizing stats, you can give yourself a significant advantage over other players who are relying purely on luck

Why should you play Football Studio Live?

Football Studio is an exciting and dynamic live casino game with plenty of betting options to choose from. It has a simple format that’s easy for anyone to pick up quickly, without having to spend too much time learning the rules. The visuals are sharp and vibrant, making it enjoyable to watch as the action unfolds on your screen. With lots of fast-paced rounds and multiple betting possibilities, Football Studio provides hours of entertainment in one online game! If you were to ask us for our honest opinion about Football Studio? Its one of the best online casino games in Africa, and the following are a few reasons why:

  • Can be played on mobile app or mobile sites
  • Very sharp and vibrant virtuals
  • Simple game format and rules
  • Fast paced rounds and simple betting outcomes
  • Live football commentary to spicing the game
  • Has a very interactive live dealer