Poker is certainly the most famous card game worldwide and definitely an all-time classic with millions of fans around the globe. The game itself is rather easy to understand, however, mastering it requires talent, dedication and time. New players often have a hard time understanding the various rules and tricks, especially when playing in land-based casinos where you have to play against seasoned players. This can be avoided by playing poker in an online casino. It provides you with a non-intimidating space where you can take a seat at a table and familiarise yourself with the game.

While the big tournaments are mostly reserved for professional players, the rise of online casinos has opened up the world of poker to everyone and lets players access their favourite online poker game via their computer, laptop or smartphone. Many different versions of poker and video poker can be accessed in an instant and favourites like Texas Hold’em, Jacks or Better and more are just one click away.

If you want to know more about how to play poker, keep reading. We have also looked at the Top 5 online poker games and summarised popular strategies that will bring you closer to a win. 

TOP 5 Online Poker Games
Texas Hold’em
Play Texas Hold'em Poker at 1xbet
Texas Hold’em is certainly the most popular poker variant. This is mostly due to the simple rules and the easy gameplay. Nevertheless, the high number of possible combinations makes it a complex and thrilling game for all casino players.
The overall goal is to have the best hand of five cards by combining “hole cards” with “community cards”. Winner is the player with the best poker hand.
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Casino Hold’em
Play poker at 888
Do you love Texas Hold’em but don’t want to play against other players? Then Casino Hold’em is the right game for you. Here, you exclusively play against the dealer while the rules and the gameplay itself are identical to the ones of Texas Hold’em. Play @888 casino!
Jacks or Better
Play and try jacks or better
Jacks or Better is one of the most popular video poker games in the world of online casino. The goal of the game is – as the name suggests – to beat the imaginary hand of a pair of jacks. And the best part: you can play Jacks or Better for free in demo mode! Play @bet365 casino!
Deuces Wild
Real money Poker games
Looking for a video poker game with a little twist? Deuces Wild follows the basic rules of poker, but adds a little “bonus”: the 2s are wild cards, substituting all other cards. This gives you the chance of higher winnings! Play @betboro casino!
Oasis Poker
Oasis Poker win
Oasis poker is the video poker version of Caribbean Stud Poker and allows player to replace undesirable cards. Please be award that switching cards usually comes with an additional “cost”, so choose wisely before you discard any cards. Play @Bet9ja casino!

What types of online poker exist?

When visiting your favourite online casino, you will find different variations of poker games including players favourite Texas Hold’em. Players who seek the ultimate poker experience, should check out the live dealer options, where you can take a seat at a real table with a live dealer. Beginners, however, might want to check out the video poker section first. Video poker games are basically a combination of slots and poker and are based on the RNG (random number generator). These games offer a much more relaxed atmosphere, as you decide the tempo of the game and allow you to familiarise yourself with the gameplay and rules at your pace.

Overall, both categories follow the basic rules of poker, however, there are some differences. As some poker games can be played for free as well, we have added it to the table below and highlighted the most prominent facts of each version.

Free PokerVideo PokerLive Poker
allows to practice without spending moneycan be played in demo mode (for free)played against other players
you cannot win real moneysimplified version of pokerrequires patience and skill
chance to try different variantsmany variants available (based on RNG)adds a human component
might lack thrill as no real money is involvedeasier to manage bank rolltime-intensive

As you can see, all versions of poker have their advantages and definitely a right to co-exist. It is totally up to you what version you want to play. Just go to one of the best online casinos for African players, click on the video poker category or the live casino and show off your poker skills!

Video Poker

Video Poker is the perfect mix for players who want to dive into the world of poker while still enjoying the familiarity of slots. This game category combines the best of both game types and you will certainly find a nice selection of video poker in your favourite online casino for African players. 

So how does it work? Once you have opened your preferred video poker game, just place a bet and click “deal”. The RNG will now deal five cards. Your task is to get the highest hand possible. Click “Hold” if you want to keep a certain card or cards and let the computer replace the cards you do not want/need. Depending on your final hand, you will either receive your payouts or have the chance to try again in the next round. 

Overall, the rules and gameplay of video poker is quite straightforward and your chances of winning on a frequent basis are higher than you think. And the best thing about Video poker? You can play most games in “demo mode” or “for free”. This gives you the chance to understand the basic rules of poker, learn some tips and tricks and help you set your strategy, all without spending real money. 

Live Poker

Poker is a highly skill-based game and while you still need a bit of luck, the main focus of the game lies on practice, thinking and decision-making. There are main different types of poker available at the best online casinos in Africa and consequently the games can vary in terms of the configuration of the deck, the total number of cards and how the cards are dealt. Nevertheless, there is one thing that all poker games have in common: the rules of placing bets. So once you have understood the basics of how you need to place a bet, you can explore the world of online poker. 

Best Online Poker Sites

Where to play online poker?

Playing poker online has become quite popular as it offers the chance for all poker fans to access the game from all around the world. You just need a decent internet connection, a computer, smartphone, laptop or tablet and you are good to go.

Many online casinos for African players have identified the need to provide online poker options and therefore have added this game category to their site. When playing poker at one of these online casinos, you can not only enjoy the game itself, but also benefit from a secure environment that offers a variety of games, great casino bonuses and promotions and safe payment options. 

While many online casinos offer poker, one of the top bookies for playing poker is bet365 casino and Betway Casino. Check out our detailed bet365 casino review or Betway Casino review to get all the information you need. 

Why should you play poker online?

There are many benefits of playing online poker. Firstly, you can select games that fit your budget. Most online casinos offer poker options with different minimum stakes, so you get to choose the stakes you are comfortable with. This allows you to play for real money or take part in an online poker tournament that fits your budget and where you don’t have to wager big amounts.

Secondly, when playing online you get to play against seasoned players as well as rather easy opponents. This again allows you to pick whether you want to face a beginner, where your chances of winning are higher or go for a skilled opponent to test your own skills. Playing against a pro player certainly gives you the opportunity to improve your strategy and learn from your mistakes. Just keep your budget in check! 

Another advantage of playing online poker is that you can benefit from different bonuses and promotions. You can even join a loyalty program that usually offers more bonuses with higher amounts and even cash back options. 

Certainly one of the biggest benefits is certainly the availability of free poker options. If you don’t want to spend real money while still playing your favourite poker game, the video poker section offers you the chance to play for fun. This is especially great for absolute beginners that want to explore the game first, before using their hard earned money.

Lastly, the accessibility of online poker games is definitely the biggest advantage. You can play your preferred game of poker on your smartphone, computer or tablet from everywhere. All you need is a good internet connection. Besides the easy access, online poker also allows you to play against fellow players from all around the world. And that’s all without the need to leave your house.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to play poker online. What are you waiting for?

Online Poker Tips and Tricks

Tips and Trick to play online poker successfully

  1. Start with small bets

At the beginning of your online poker journey, it is advisable to start wagering small amounts. This allows you to develop your strategy without losing too much money. 

  1. Practice/Patience

Playing a couple of rounds in demo mode plus watching some tutorials before fully immersing in the game is certainly a good way to learn before using your real money. Once you decide to switch to real money, you still need to be patient and might have to wait for a good hand and a big win. 

  1. Develop a strategy

Poker is based on skill, so having a good strategy will help you increase your chances of a big win. There are many different poker strategies available, so if you want to find the suitable one for you, search for strategy guides and tutorial videos online! 

Our verdict

There is certainly a reason while online poker is so popular among casino players. It offers thrill and excitement at the comfort of your home and gives you the chance to win big if you have mastered it. Online poker certainly does require skill, patience and time, however, if you have set the right strategy and gathered some experience, you can win big and defeat your fellow poker players.

How to win online poker
How to win online poker?

Poker is a game of skill, so you need to practise to master it. Nevertheless, there are three crucial steps that might help you increase your chances. 1. Know the ranking of the different poker hands. 2. Understand the table position. 3. Keep an eye on your bankroll. If you keep these three things in mind, you have better chances of winning at poker and might end up with a huge payout. 

What is video poker?

Video poker is a combination of poker and slots and is based on RNG. There are no live dealers or other players involved – it is just you and the computer. Video poker is great for getting familiar with the rules of online poker and also allows you to play the game without using real money. But be aware: when playing for free, you cannot win any real money!