JetX Online Casino Game

JetX is an exciting online game gradually gaining traction among Casino enthusiasts and top bookmakers in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and across the world. Similar to Aviator, another very popular online game, JetX requires you to wager on how high a jet can fly. Once you set your wager and launch the game, you would see a jet-like symbol on your screen and a multiplier. That multiplier indicates the progress you are making and your potential winning as the jet goes up across your screen.

As the jet moves up, you must decide when to scoop your winnings, this is because, when the jet crashes, all your potential winning will vanish. In this case, you would have to wait another round to start over. It is essentially a game hinged solely on your ability to get your returns before the jet explodes. This is what makes it very interesting and adrenaline-pumping unlike other online games where things are not totally in your hands.

The growing popularity of the game is due to its straight forward rules, attractive interface, huge winning potential and the fact that you can track what other players are doing while you make a decision on your own bet. Unlike the conventional sports betting, JetX, an online game in the crash category, gives you multiple shots at retrying even if you fail the first time. In this case, a new jet appears on your screen every 15 seconds, allowing you to re-stake and try your luck again in the next round.

In this article, we will be breaking down in simple terms, why you should play JetX, the feature, rules, how the game works and the game works and the best strategy you can adopt to win.

JetX Game Main

Game Features & Facts

  • Developed by Smartsoft Gaming in 2019
  • A suspense filled game that features a jet flying round the player’s screen
  • The higher the jet goes, the bigger returns
  • Players must scoop winning before jet explodes
  • Exciting online game based on players’ intuition about how high a jet can go

Where to play?

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Game Strategy

How to play & win JetX?

JextX is an online game based purely on the ability of punters to discern when a jet is likely to crash and cash out before it happens. To play the game you must first;

  • Find your preferred bookie – Check out the Top Online Casinos here!
  • Register or log in to your account
  • Make the stipulated deposit amount
  • Go to the Casino or games section
  • Search for JetX

Once the game opens, you would see an image that looks like a Jet or an airplane. You can start by clicking ”demo”. On this mode, you have the opportunity to get used to the rules of the game, the layout and how it works generally.

Once you are ready to go, just click set your wager and click ‘play’. Afterwards;

  • A new game round begins
  • A jet appears on your screen with the multiplier next to it
  • As the jet makes its journey up, the multiplier increases
  • The higher it flies, the more money you are likely to win
  • As the jet gains altitude, your goal is to get your winnings before it explodes
  • If you cash out before the explosion, your returns will be commensurate with the level of the multiplier at the time of quitting.

Tips & Tricks to play JetX successfully

As stated earlier, JetX is a fun game with a quite straightforward rule. However, it is important to highlight a few strategies you can adopt whether as a beginner or an advanced casino bettor. This is because betting in general is filled with uncertainties and various risks, hence, having a little guide or step by step tip on how best to play can come in handy.

Here is a few tips and tricks you should consider during your JetX gaming exploit;

  • Bet within your limit: This is very important as you do not want to incur debt or go broke while wagering. So, it is advisable you start with a small wager and grow your returns gradually. This way, working within a budget becomes easier
  • Study the demo mode: The good thing about JetX is you have the chance to understand how it works via practice mode. That way, you can familiarize yourself with the dynamics of the game before staking your funds. Although the rules are easy, studying the pattern of the jet on demo mode might be helpful.
  • Focus: You are betting on how high a jet can fly before it explodes. Since the action unfolds within a very short period, you must pay attention from the moment you set your wager till you decide to cash out. If you so much as look away for a second, the jet might explode leaving you with no returns.
  • Have a target: Once the jet takes off on your screen, you would notice a multiplier that starts increasing next to it. To be safe, you can set a target such that when the multiplier gets to the level you desire, you can quickly get out and get your winnings.
  • Trust your guts: The game is based on how well you can quickly discern when the plane is likely to explode. In this case, it is highly recommended that you trust your instincts. Once you get the gut feeling to cash out, do so before the jet crashes.

Why should you play JetX?

JetX is an entertaining and highly engaging online game that puts you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Once you set your wager and the jet takes off, you are glued to your screen till you decide to collect your winnings or the jet explodes. In case you are looking for a not so complicated casino game with good chance of winning, you should certainly consider JetX. Check out our list of Top Casino Games, if you are looking for more exciting games!

  • Can be played on mobile app or mobile sites
  • High resolution images and beautiful interface
  • Easy to understand rules
  • Players can cash out based on their instinct
  • New game round available every 15 seconds