Black Jack is one of the most sought after online games across the world and its popularity is constantly increasing. The reason for being a player’s favourite is that every player, no matter the skill level can play Blackjack. The rules of the card game are easy to follow, the chances of winning are quite high, the bet levels range from low to high and the games allows every player to take full control by deciding when to ”split, hit, stand or surrender”. Most online casinos available to players from Nigeria, Kenya and other African countries feature the popular table game. If you haven’t found your perfect online gambling site yet, we have listed the best online casino for African players here.

Blackjack small table

The main goal of Blackjack – also known as 21 – is to beat the dealer by having a hand value than the dealer or to hit a straight 21 card value. There are main different Blackjack version available in online casinos, but all come with an easy layout ensuring a simple and stress free playing experience. While Blackjack lives off of the real casino atmosphere in brick and mortar casinos, online casinos have found a way to replicate this experience by offering blackjack with interactive videos and real live dealers broadcasted to your home. Check out the Top 10 Blackjack Games in the table below or the top online casino games here. Pick your favourite and start playing in your favourite online casino!

Top 10 Blackjack Games
1. Classic Blackjack
Blackjack Six Card Game Bet9ja
Nothing beats a classic! The classic styled Blackjack table game is a must in every
online casino. Once a player takes a seat at the table, the goal is to collect cards with
a point value as close as possible to 21. Think about your strategy, because if you go
over 21, your game is bust. Ready to beat the dealer? Check out our detailed Blackjack
game review and start winning!
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2. Blackjack Party
Evolution Party Blackjack card game
Blackjack Party is a Blackjack table with low-stakes and feels like a party in your
living room. Exciting music and lively chats this game is focused on providing fun for
a great number of players at the same time. This game is only available in the Live
Casino section of your preferred online casino.
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3. Single Deck Blackjack
Single Deck Blackjack Table Game
As the name already suggest, at this Blackjack variation only single deck of cards is
used to play! The aim of this game is the same as for any Blackjack game: try to get
your card value up to 21 or at least as close as possible. Caution: do not exceed 21 or
your game is bust. Sit down at the dealer’s table and try your luck at Blackjack!
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4. Six Card Charlie Blackjack
Blackjack Six Card Game Bet9ja
This special Blackjack version uses the same rules as the classic game, with a twist:
if you are able to collect 6 cards without going over a total of 21, your winnings will be
as high as if you hit blackjack. Are you ready for the extra thrill?
Play @bet9ja casino!
5. Multihand Blackjack
Mozzart Casino Blackjack Multi-hand
Looking for more Blackjack action? Then this BJ variation might the right game for you.
On this game you can play multiple hands at once increasing your chances of winning –
but be cautious of your bank roll as you play on more than just one hand.
Play @Mozzart casino!
6. Real Blackjack
Blackjack table game with real dealers in real time
As the name suggest, real Blackjack is played at real tables with live Blackjack dealers in
real time! While the aim of the games is to form a hand value of 21 – just like with all other
BJ versions – this variant offers an interesting set of features, including real-time support
and live music on demand!
Play @bet9ja casino!
7. VIP Blackjack
vip black jack casino example
Are you looking for higher stakes? Then take a seat at one of the many VIP Blackjack tables.
These tables are specifically targeted to high wagering players that are seeking the ultimate
casino thrill.
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8. Blackjack Azure
Azure Black Jack Table
Blackjack Azure powered by Pragmatic Play offers players the popular BJ game play with a
low house edge. Live dealers are broadcasted right into your living room using 4K cameras
ensuring you don’t miss out on any detail.
Play @Mozzart casino!
9. Lightning Blackjack
Lightning Multiplier Black jack table game
This Blackjack game is a live BJ with an exciting twist as random multipliers are added in every
game round. This feature increases your chances of higher payouts. In fact, the game provider
Evolution even guarantees a multiplier, ranging from 2x to even 25x, on every winning score.
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10. Power Blackjack
Power Blackjack - Card Game casino
Power Blackjack is one of the newest addition to the Blackjack category. In this game, players
have the option to Double, Triple or Quadruple Down on their initial bet. This gives you the option
to increase your winnings, if you beat the dealer in the end.
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Blackjack – The Classic in every online Casino 

Blackjack can be found in (almost) every casino – no matter if online or in a land-based one – and is a true classic. The Card game offers punters the possibility of huge winnings without being too flashy and overwhelming. The simple yet exciting layout of the game makes it the perfect choice for everyone who seeks the ultimate casino experience without too much stress.

Take a seat at a Blackjack table

Once you have familiarised yourself with the basics of the game and set out a good strategy, it is time to take a seat and start chasing the 21. Before wagering your hard-earned money, you need to complete the following steps:

  • Find your favourite online casino or pick one for the table above
  • Register/Log in
  • Make a deposit if you want to play for real money
  • Go to the Casino/Live Casino and select your preferred BJ table
  • Place your bet
  • Click “deal” or wait until the live dealer deals the cards
  • Make a decision if you want to Stand, hit, double down or surrender

How to win real money at Blackjack? 

The umtimate goal of Blackjack is to „beat“ the dealer by drawing a card value higher than the dealer‘s hand. So it is crucial for Players to understand the value of their own and the dealer‘s hand in order to make the right decision about their next move. 

There are two scenarios where you win immediately:

1. the value of your first two cards equals to 21
2. the dealer‘s hand value exceeds 21. 

If non of the two cases happen, you basically have Four options: „stand, hit, split or surrender“. 


If you Are happy with the value of your first 2 cards and are certain that it‘s enough to Beat the dealer, you choose to stand. No more cards will be added to your hand and you play with the hand value that you have. While you can dir back, the dealer will continue to play if his hand total is equal to 16 or lower until he has value higher than the Players hand or exceeds 21. 


If your hand value is rather low After the first two cards were dealt and you want to add more to it, you Need to click „hit“. This way the dealer knows you want to have another card. You can add as many cards as desired, however, if your total value is higher than 21, you Go „bust“, meaning you have lost your stake. So don‘t exceed the magical number 21 and be certain to click „stand“ once your are satisfied with your cards. 


In case the First two cards Are a pair (two cards of the same value) you have the option to split said cards into two separate hands. Please note that you create a New bet equal to the original bet when splitting your hand. 


If your are very dissatisfied with the cards that have been dealt, you have the Option to „surrender“ your hand. Once you click „surrender“ you will get 50% of your initial stake back. This allows you to „start over“ without loosing your whole bet. 


Besides the 4 options mentioned above, players might come across the option of „insurance“. This option is available if the first card of the dealer‘s Hand is an Ace. When clicking „insurance“ you are basically betting on the dealer‘s hand . If he hits „Blackjack“ – so his Cards have a total value of 21 – you will Receive your Insurance payout (usually 50% of your initial stake). 

Double Down

If you are feeling risky, you can double your bet in the middle of a hand by clicking “double down”. Please be aware that once you have chosen to double your initial stake, only one more card will be dealt. So, if you want to take a risk in order to potentially increase your payout, this option is the one to take.

Why should you play Blackjack? 

Simple Game Rules

Blackjack- in all of its variants- always follows the Same basic rules. So, if you know and understand the gameplay once, you can start placing your bets right away no matter what version you decide to Play. 


Every good online casino offers at least a few Blackjack tables – no matter if you want to play against a live dealer or the computer, you will certainly find your New favourite at your favourite online casino. If you are not sure at which online casino to play, we suggest you check out 888casino! 

Spoiled for choice

Although the online card game offers little room for alterations, game providers have found a way to make Blackjack even more exciting. Variants like Power Blackjack, VIP Blackjack or Blackjack Party allow players to experience different versions without deviating too much from the original. Beginners should always start with Classic Blackjack/Standard Blackjack first to familiarise themselves with the rules and basic game play before going for the tables with higher stakes and faster gameplay.

Mobile Blackjack

You can enjoy your favourite blackjack from anywhere as most casinos offer mobile versions of Blackjack. These can either be played on the optimised mobile website or in the dedicated mobile apps. Mobile Blackjack tables allow players to play whenever and wherever they want while providing the ultimate casino experience on the go.

While there are many good reasons to play Blackjack, we also need to point out the cons of the game. Firstly, the game does require quite a heavy internet connection. Secondly, RNGs (Random Number Generator) are used to shuffle and deal the cards especially when playing the online versions. While this ensures the fairness and randomness of the outcome, it makes it harder to follow a certain strategy. In the Live Casino, the cards are obviously dealt by the live dealer. 

Blackjack winning strategy

Game Strategy – Tips and Tricks to win! 

Playing at a casino always requires luck to win, however, there are some steps that might help you to win big or at least minimise your loss: 

Know your bet limit: Before taking a seat at any black jack table, set a certain limit you are willing to stake. While you might be successful in some rounds, losing is unfortunately also part of playing in a casino. So in order to minimise your devastation of losing your stake, it is crucial to only bet within your limits. Moreover, you must be aware of the fact that you cannot win all the time. So prepare to loose some rounds.

Understand your options: Blackjack is a rather quick game, so the understanding of your available gaming options (stand, hit, split and surrender) is crucial for a successful game. So, focus and choose the right strategy to make the most of your bet. 

Choose the right table: When you enter an online casino, you can usually choose from a wide array of Blackjack tables. Check the available information and details of the different tables before placing any bets. You should familiarise yourself with the minimum stake and how many people can play at your chosen table. Also check the possible returns. 

Trust your gut: The beauty of blackjack is that you are in complete control of the steps you take. While it‘s great to have a strategy in mind, sometimes it‘s best to follow your gut feeling. The outcome of the game depends on your decision, so make it count! 

Blackjack FAqs
What is the difference between video and live Black Jack?

While the basics and the ultimate aim of hitting Blackjack are the same for both, video and live BJ, live tables usually offer players more options and better payouts. So before making the decision on which table to play, check out the rules of the table.

Does blackjack offer the best odds for players?

Yes. Blackjack games have the highest RTP (Return to player) among all casino games. So if you follow the basic strategy correctly, your chances of winning is quick high.

Can I win real money at Blackjack?

Yes. Blackjack is fairly easy to understand and following basic strategies will help you to win big. If you are willing to take a risk, you should take a seat at tables with higher minimum stakes, as the possible returns are significantly higher there.