Double Ball Roulette Live Casino Game Review

Double ball roulette is one of the many variants of the traditional roulette game. What sets double ball roulette apart from the rest, as the name suggests, is the use of two balls instead of one. This gives players twice the chances of winning. It also makes the game much more exciting.

Double ball roulette is an online game based on the traditional European roulette table. It has the usual black and red wheel, and two balls that are launched simultaneously when playing the game. The use of two balls in this game offers several winning combinations.

The objective of the game is to predict on which number or numbers the balls will land. Players wager on red or black just like in other versions of the game. If the two balls land on the two numbers you have picked, you win double. You stand to win huge if you pick the two balls to land on the same number pocket. This is referred to as the Double Ball Jackpot.

Double Ball roulette was created in 2016 by Evolution Gaming. This well-designed online casino game offers high-quality game experience with its neat icons, brilliant colors, smooth graphics, and background music. You can choose to play the game in HD video quality.

This online casino game is available for both desktop and mobile platforms at various online casino for players from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and more African countries.

Double Ball Roulette Evolution Gaming

Game Features & Facts

  • Created in 2016 by Evolution Gaming
  • Uses 2 balls instead of one
  • Return To Player (RTP) rate of 97.30%
  • Minimum bet of $0.25
  • Both inside and outside betting available
  • Wide range of betting options
  • The wheels have numbers 1 to 36 including zero
  • Double ball jackpot of 1300:1

Where to play?

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Game Strategy

The double ball roulette wheel has numbers 1 to 36 plus a single zero. Players predict the numbers where they think the balls will land. When the game starts, the two balls are released and each one will eventually land in a numbered pocket on the wheel. The balls can settle on the same or different pockets.

You get a good range of betting options when you play double ball roulette. Each bet type covers a range of numbers and they all have different payout odds.

Here are the double ball roulette bets:

  • Black/Red
  • High/Low
  • Line
  • Black & Red
  • Double ball jackpot
  • Street
  • Corner
  • Odd/Even
  • Straight-Up
  • Dozens & Columns
  • Split

These bets can be generally grouped into inside and outside bets. Inside bets are placed on a numbered space or on a line between them. You win an inside when when at least one ball lands on a number you picked. If both balls land successfully, you win double. Examples of inside bets include straight-up, split, line, and corner.

Outside bets are placed on special boxes found below and to the left of the roulette table. To win an outside bet, both balls must land on a number that you picked. Outside bets offer bigger payouts but are more difficult to win. They include black or red, dozens & columns, odd or even, and high or low.

The double ball jackpot bet involves betting on the two balls to both land on the same number pocket. It offers a huge payout of 1300 to 1, but is not that easy to achieve.

How to play Double Ball Roulette Live?

You can play double ball roulette live on your desktop or mobile phone via your favorite casino page. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Log into your account on your favorite casino betting site
  2. Find Double Ball roulette under Roulette or Live Roulette
  3. Before the game starts, pick your numbers where the balls will land
  4. You can choose to place inside bets or outside bets
  5. Place your bet with a minimum stake of $0.25
  6. Wait for the balls to land to see if you are a winner

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Live Casino Double Ball Roulette

Tips & Tricks to play Double Ball Roulette successfully

Follow these tips to enjoy big wins on double ball roulette:

  • Watch and Learn – While some casino sites allow you to play the demo version of the game where you don’t use real money, this option is usually not available for Live Casino games. Nevertheless, you could get a feeling for the game by just watching it for a while before placing your own bet.
  • Make use of casino bonuses – New players get a welcome bonus at most online casinos. There are also other bonus offers and promotions that you provide you with additional stake for playing double ball roulette and winning fantastic prizes.
  • The line bet – This is the safest bet as it offers a 2:1 payout that is doubled if you successfully land both balls. You have a good chance of getting a double win, which makes this bet quite attractive compared to risker options
  • Moderate your risk – Outside bets offer big payoffs but are also very volatile. You will win only occasionally and if you are not careful you may end up with a long losing streak. On the other hand, inside bets offer lower payouts but increased chances of winning

Why should you play Double Ball Roulette?

Double ball roulette is an exciting game that offers the chance for huge payouts. The double ball jackpot is definitely worth a try. There is an exciting range of betting options for both inside and outside bets. The minimum stake required to play opens up the game to many players and enables you to play as many times as possible. Double ball roulette is built by Evolution gaming, an industry leader, therefore you can be sure of high-quality software and excellent features. It is available for both desktop and mobile, making it convenient for you to play on the go wherever you are. Many online casinos in Africa offer double ball roulette so just find the right one for yourself.