Monopoly Live Casino Game Review

Monopoly Live Casino is one of the fast-rising online games that is quickly gaining traction among punters and top bookmakers in Africa. Developed in 2019 by Evolution in conjunction with Hasbro, Monopoly casino is modelled after the popular board game of the same name with notable similarities when compared to Dream Catcher live game.

Simply put, Monopoly live game features a dealer or live host who spins a wheel while you as the player are required to wager on the point where the wheel is likely going to make stop. Basically, the winning section on the wheel is specified by a pointer located at the top of the wheel when it stops spinning.

It is divided into different sections which are designated by a number representing a prize multiplier. So, if the wheel stops on a particular number you bet on, your winning will be determined by such. For example, it it stops at 2, that would be 2x your stake amount.

In addition, the game features an exciting layout and a chance segment laced with instant instant cash wins, multipliers, 2 rolls and 4 rolls as well as a 3D bonus game section designed around the exploits of the virtual co-host ”Mr Monopoly”. So go to one of the top online casinos for African players and pay Mr. Monopoly a visit.

Monopoly Live Casino Page

Game Features & Facts

  • Fun online game created by Evolution
  • Great interface and attractive layout
  • Developed in 2019 with bonus sections and great multipliers
  • Highly engaging with a live dealer who interacts with players while spinning the wheel
  • It is split into 54 equal sections, 48 of which are marked with unique number indicating a prize multiplier
  • Payout is based on the matching number on the segment where the wheel stops
  • A mix of live casino features and the exciting traditional monopoly board game
  • The live host and virtual co-host (Mr Monopoly) takes you through the process as you bet on where you think the money wheel is likely to stop

Where to play?

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Game Strategy

How to play Monopoly Live?

The Monopoly live casino game features various interesting options through which your wager can be multiplied into huge winnings. The game is highly interactive as your are ushered in to a live section coordinated by the live host or live dealer. The live dealer spins a vertically positioned wheel and you are to bet on where you think the wheel would stop.

To play the game, you would need to first;

  • Search for your preferred bookie. You can go through our compilation of the Top Online Casinos here!
  • Create an account or log in to yours
  • Make the required deposit amount
  • Go to the Live Casino or games section
  • Search for Monopoly

When you launch the game, you would see that it is divided into two sections; the money wheel game and the bonus round.

Money Wheel Game

  • The live dealer spins the wheel
  • You will bet on where you think the wheel is going to stop
  • The wheel contains different segments designated by 1, 2, 5, 10, β€˜2 ROLLS’ or β€˜4 ROLLS’ and Chance
  • If you bet on the correct number, you will win the corresponding payout
  • If the wheel stops spinning on ”Chance”, you would be given a ”Chance Card” by Mr Monopoly
  • On the card, you would see a random cash prize or a random multiplier bonus

For the random multiplier bonus, your initial bet remains intact while the live host spins the wheel again and the initial multiplier will be doubled.

Bonus Round

  • To enter the bonus round, your bet must land on 2 rolls or 4 rolls
  • Once you enter the round, Mr Monopoly joins you with the 3D monopoly board as prizes and multipliers are up for grabs
  • For 2 rolls, there is a bonus round and 2 rolls of the dice
  • If your bet lands on 4 rolls, there would be a bonus round and 4 rolls of the dice
  • Just like the traditional board game, the dice roll determines how far you would move on the board
  • If your bet is not eligible to enter the round, you can stick around to get a taste of all the action by other players

The table below shows a description of how the Monopoly live Casino payout is determined;

Wheel segmentNumberPotential payout
1221x stake
2152x stake
575x stake
10410x stake
Chance2cash win or random multiplier
2 Rolls3Triggers a bonus game
4 Rolls1Triggers a bonus game

Tips & Tricks to play Monopoly Live successfully

  • Target the 2 rolls and 4 rolls: Landing on either of these segments gives you access to the bonus round which ultimately increases your winning chances
  • Start with a bonus: Many top bookmakers offer different welcome packages to users. These packages can come in handy by giving you access to free funds you can play with. If you play with bonus, it helps you bet within your bank roll while you multiply your winnings. It is important to check the wagering requirements of these bonuses before playing.
  • Know the payout pattern: The payout is determined where the wheel stops spinning. So, it is important that you understand each segment and the numbers therein, to enable you plan how and where to put your money.
  • Wager small amount on 5 or 10 wheel segment: These segments give you 5x and 10x your stake amount respectively. This means, if you bet on either of these segments and you are successful, you would be winning 5 times or 10 times what you wagered. Since this gives you a high payout, it is logical to bet with a small amount and increase your bank roll.

Why should you play Monopoly Live?

Monopoly live is a blend of the traditional board game and modern live casino tools. As a beginner or advanced Casino enthusiast, you would be having a taste of entertaining, interactive and exciting features that would keep you glued to your screen from start to finish.