Power Up Roulette is one of the most recent additions to the live games catalog and has won over the hearts of many online casino players. Released in 2022 by Pragmatic Play, the live roulette game adds an exciting twist to the classic table game by offering bonus rounds that can increase your winnings on all available bets. Available on mobile and desktop, Power Up Roulette is a great variant of classic roulette and the multiplier mechanic makes it even more thrilling. While the concept of randomly increasing payouts is not new as regular visitors to live casinos will know, Power Up Roulette is not just a copy of popular games like Lightning Roulette or Mega Roulette. While all bets of PowerUp Roulette follow the ones of standard European Roulette, there are many interesting features further explained in this review.

This game review will also look at all important facts and features and will let you know if it is really worth the hype. Moreover, we will list possible strategies that might increase your chances of winning.Β 

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Power Up Roulette - Live Casino Game

Game Features & Facts

  • Gameshow inspired roulette game developed by Pragmatic Play
  • Multiplier mechanics in bonus rounds 
  • Chances of massive winnings in special PowerUP rounds 
  • Multipliers up to 8,000x in just one round possible 
  • Low house edge 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Available 24/7 in the live casino section 

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How to play PowerUp Roulette?

Once you open PowerUp Roulette you will notice that most parts of the game work as you would expect from a roulette game. The betting options are equivalent to the ones of classic European Roulette, so you are off to an easy start when playing PowerUp Roulette.

PowerUp Roulette is part of the live casino category, so everything happens in real time, making your time to place a bet is limited to a couple of seconds. If you want to place a bet on the betting table, pick the amount you want to bet and place it on the wager that you think will win.

What bet options are available?

The available betting options are the same as for every standard roulette table game. All these options are only available at the base game.

Outside BetsPayout
Odd/Even 1:11:1
Low (1-18)/High (19-36)1:1
Inside BetsPayout
6 Line (2 Streets)5:1
Street (3 numbers in a line)11:1
Split (2 neighboring numbers)17:1
Straight-Up (1 number)24:1

How does it work? – Game Details

The game consists of a base game and a bonus round (PowerUp round). Once you have placed your wager or the time for placing bets is over, the live dealer spins the wheel. If the ball lands on a regular number, winners will receive their payout and the next round stars. If, however, one of the PowerUp numbers is the result, the bonus round is initiated.

The Base game

At the start of every round, up to five numbers from the 37 numbers are selected as the so-called PowerUp numbers. These numbers are then displayed at the side of the betting grid. If the silver ball lands on one of these numbers at the end of the base game round, the PowerUp round is initiated.

The PowerUp bonus round

The great thing about the PowerUP numbers is that you do not need to have a bet on them in order to enter the PowerUp rounds. Once the PowerUp round starts, multipliers are assigned to every number on the grid. The power metre above every column shows you how big the multiplier is going to be – the more bars, the higher the multiplier.

During the first PowerUp round, multipliers range from 50x to 500x. In case the result of the first bonus round is a PowerUp number, another bonus round is initiated. PowerUp rounds can get retriggered up to four times and the more bonus rounds are started, the higher the multipliers will get. The second PowerUp round has multipliers of up to 1000x and if you are lucky and get up to the fifth, the multipliers are as high as 8000x. In order to win the multiplier, you need to have an active straight-up bet on the winning number. If you win, payouts will be at the rate of the displayed multiplier. Once the bonus round ends, the base game is started and new bets can be placed.

To recap: the bonus round is triggered if the ball lands on one of the PowerUp numbers. Your initial bet – the one you made in the base game – will remain on the table for the PowerUp round and determine if you win or lose.

Power Up Roulette wheel

How to win PowerUp Roulette?

Just like all online casino games, PowerUp Roulette is also based on luck, so it is vital to manage your bets and money strategically in order to be successful. To maximise your winnings, outside bets are the way to go. Although payout is not big, the chances of winning is quite high. One thing to consider, however, is that outside bets are not eligible for bonus rounds. If you are willing to take a higher risk and want to go for the huge winnings, straight-up bets will maximise your payout. The combination of both – an outside and a single number bet – will give you the benefits of both. You can adjust your bets based on your risk appetite and the results of the previous round.

Tips & Tricks for PowerUp Roulette

  • Check the PowerUp Roulette Statistics: the live casino game offers players detailed information about the winning numbers of the last 500 game rounds. This gives you an idea of how often bonus rounds are activated and how many times multipliers are triggered.
  • Use the Racetrack View: the racetrack view is very typical for a roulette game and allows you to place additional bets. This especially comes in handy in the PowerUp bonus rounds.
  • Outside bets: Who does not like to win? Outside bets have a higher probability of winning and so most of your bets should be placed on these types of bets. No matter if Red/Black or Odd/Even, putting your wager on these sections will get you some returns.
  • Bet on straight-up numbers: The aim of PowerUp Roulette is to get a multiplier. This can only be done by placing your bet on a single number. Although this is quite risky, it is your only chance of big winnings. Please note that managing your bankroll is crucial when placing straight-up bets!
  • Only spend what you can afford to lose: The harsh reality of online gambling is that your can lose your money. So setting up a budget before playing is vital to guarantee a good experience!

The Final Verdict

PowerUp Roulette is an exciting new addition to the Live Casino games section and adds an interesting twist to the classic roulette table game. The multiplier mechanic in the bonus round can maximise your winnings and ensure a great portion of thrill while playing. So, if you are looking for a thrilling game that combines the classic betting options with a great multiplier feature, PowerUp Roulette is the game for you!