Looking for online casino games with fast gameplays and instant payouts? Then check out the instant wins category where you receive exactly what the name suggests. They are fast cash-out games the provide instant results. In more detail, instant games offer players immediate thill and the chances of big payouts in a fraction of time compared to other game categories such as slots, tables games and live dealer games.Β 

So, if you are looking for a pure gambling experience without any social or emotional component, then the instant games category is certainly the right section for you. Keeping reading to find out the best online casinos for instant games and some tips and trick on how to increase your chances of winning instant games.

Best Online Casinos for instant wins

bet365 is certainly one of the top bookies for casino games. The website has everything a casino player is looking for including instant games that can get you big winnings in an instant!

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Casino Players at betboro can enjoy a great selection of instant games. Just visit the betboro website, navigate to the casino and look for the “instant games” category.

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Mozzart has a dedicated “Instant Games” category listed in their main casino navigation. There you can play various cash-out games with instant results!

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Why should you play instant games?

Anticipation and tension are one main feature of online gambling. Will the last reel fall into the right place and trigger a big win? Does the silver ball land into the right pocket? All these and more questions are adding the thrill and excitement to every casino journey. Sometimes, however, you just want fast and instant results without having to complete all the steps designed to trigger emotions.  

Instant games are the perfect choice for players who want to enjoy the thrill of online casino games without spending too much time waiting for the results. Another big plus is that you do not need to learn many game rules and functions, but can enjoy fast action and rewards instantly.

Although the quick gameplay is a great advantage, we recommend setting a budget. Instant games are still based on luck, so there is no way to predict an outcome and the fast gameplay might result in losing sight of your bankroll. 

Instant Games Win

Main Features of Instant Games

The great thing about the instant win category is that you will find all kinds of games there. Top crash games like Aviator or JetX, table games like roulette, your favourite scratch cards and card games like HiLo are all featured in the instant win category. So you might raise the question of what qualifies a game to be listed in this group. Below you can find the main characteristics of instant wins:

βœ… Fast Gameplay
The main characteristic of instant games is a fast gameplay without many steps. Players usually don’t have to perform any or many tasks to see their result. 
❌ Small Payouts
As the game is mainly focused on providing instant results, the chances of big winnings is rather low. 

βœ… Low bet limits
Instant games are quite simplistic and are mostly targeted at casual players. Therefore bet limits are rather low. Some games, however, offer the option to adjust the bet amount to higher stakes if you want to go for the big win.
❌ No Bonus Rounds
Instant games are usually very fast, so there are no or rare bonus features. This due to the fact that it would slow down the game play. 
βœ… Speedy Payouts
As the name suggests, instant wins are designed for instant cash-out if luck is on your side and you win.
βœ… Play for Free
Players can play instant games for free or for real money. However, playing for free will not win you any real money!

As you can see, there are many reasons to play instant games in your favourite online casino. When playing instant games you will enjoy the thrill of online casino gambling combined with the chance of instant cash prizes. Although you can usually only expect small payouts, it is a fun game category that ensures a great time in your favourite online casino. Besides, there are also instant games that have attractive cash and non-cash prizes available during special promotions. Just look out for any instant wins promotions by checking our news section on a regular basis.  

How to play instant games?

Playing games of the instant win category is no different to playing any other online casino game. All you have to do is visit your preferred online casino, navigate to the “instant games” section and launch the game. Instant games can be played on all devices including your computer, laptop or on the go on your smartphone.  

Most instant games are very similar to either the scratch card format or follow the rules of crash games like Aviator. All you have to do is swipe, scratch or click to reveal the final game result and to see if you’ve won. While the rules of cash-out games are super easy, we still recommend to check the basic game rules before placing any real-money bets.

You can play instant games for fun or for real money. If you decide to play in demo mode, you might not even have to register an account. This will safe you even more time, however, playing for fun will not get you any real-money winnings. So, if you have familiarised yourself with the quick gameplay and have found your favourite instant game, you might want to switch to real-money to have a chance of a nice winning amount.

Our Verdict

Instant games are great for everyone you does not want to spend much time learning the game rules, but rather play and see immediate results. Instant wins provide you with the fairness, safety and thrill just like all other online casino games category without needing to wait until the final reel has fallen into place. So, anyone looking for a fast game with quick results while still experiencing the feeling of an adrenaline rush, will certainly love the instant game category.

What are instant games
What are instant online casino games?

Instant games are fast-paced casino games that will show you the game result immediately. This game category includes all kinds of different games. These include games based on scratch cards, spin-to-win options similar to roulette or popular crash games like Aviator or Comet Crash. You can also find keno, bingo and other games in this section. You are definitely spoiled for choice in the instant game category.

Where can I play instant casino games?

Almost all top online casino feature instant win games. Usually, you can either find them in the casino section in the main navigation. Player’s favourites like Aviator are sometimes also listed in the main site navigation. We can certainly recommend the instant games category of Mozzart Casino, Betboro and many other online casinos for African players.